Collecting art can be an addictive and pleasurable activity. The most rewarding way to engage with contemporary art is to be surrounded by it on a daily basis in your home. The right piece of art might transform the atmosphere in your house or apartment. Why would you spend several thousands on designer furniture while decorating your home with IKEA posters? We welcome young and aspiring collectors to galleri s.e and are happy to offer our expertise for suggesting artists, art works or discussing the reasonable price range for your budget.  
We will soon launch an online artstore with art works in a less expensive price range, but still at a high quality. Many of the more established artists also produce works such as prints that can be available at a more affordable level, and we will also present younger promising artists in the online artstore. 
It is of utmost importance to us to offer excellent service and reliable advises for our customers. Helping aspiring collectors to get introduced to art buying and establishing a good relation with our clients is one of our most interesting tasks. If you are in possession of the collecting gene you are already on your way. 
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