Corporate collections of art can be positive for business in many different ways. Art works will create an inspiring work environment fostering creativity and innovation in your corporation. Further, collecting art can be a sound investment. If the premises are redecorated, parts of the collection can be sold to generate funds and purchase new work. Art can help symbolizing your corporation’s brand, profile and reputation. Having an art collection will further be a sign of a forward thinking, dynamic and progressive corporation.


galleri s.e can be of assistance with establishing or broadening your corporation’s art collection.


We arrange the following services for corporate collections:  

  • corporate visits for advice and planning your art collection
  • advice on art suitable for your work environment
  • advice on art suitable for corporation profiling
  • advice on sound art investments
  • VIP room available for board meetings etc. in galleri s.e for important clients
  • special events and art talks for important clients


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