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Richard Pasquarelli

Dusk Til Dawn


November 19th 2015 – December 20, 2015


Vernissage: Thursday, November 19th, 18:00 - 20:00 hrs.


Richard Pasquarelli draws inspiration from the tradition of American Realists, such as Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth, and their use of images of daily life, as well as the ambiguous and somewhat unsettling vision of filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. His cinematic compositions capture and freeze moments in time, striking us with a sense of mystery, ambiguity and psychological impact. Using themes, concepts, and day-to-day images that are a reflection of how we live today, from the cinema to TV, music and books, Pasquarelli seeks content that signifies contemporary life. Television and the news media also play an important role in developing some of his subject matter. Pasquarelli keeps a close eye on the trends of pop culture, reality TV, forensic detective shows, and programs focused on the state of the world. 


“I paint what I see. And although what I see in the world might be melancholy or dark, it is what speaks to me. I am drawn to subjects or scenarios that strike me with their sense of mystery, ambiguity or psychological impact. I believe representational art still holds an important place in contemporary art and it is my hope that one hundred years from now, somebody might look back at one of my pieces and get a sense of who we were at this time and place in history.” 


For his second solo exhibition at Galleri s.e., Dusk Til Dawn, Pasquarelli has curated an exhibition of 31 works, ranging in media from oil painting, watercolor, and drawing to sculpture and sound work. The works span a period of four years, including three large paintings (Hillside, Riverbend, Night Drive), sculptures (Houses I, II, III), and a three hour sound work (Summer Night) created this year. The show is built around the period from the crepuscular moment of dusk through the pitch black of night and into the wee hours of dawn, a time when mystery abounds. People disappear from sight as houses light up with private scripts being acted out from the attic to the bedroom to the basement. Yet outside life emerges out of the blackness. Sounds sneak out of nowhere and linger throughout the night only to disappear as life emerges from the secretive goings on of the houses at night. 


Richard Pasquarelli was born in New York in 1968 and earned his BFA from Syracuse University. His paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries in New York, London, Paris, Madrid, and Los Angeles. His work has been shown at The Miami Art Museum, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, The Chelsea Museum, Jersey City Museum, The Islip Art Museum and is the recent recipient of the Cleveland Museum of Art / Print Club of Cleveland Presentation Print commission for 2017. His works hang in corporate, public and private collections throughout the world including The Detroit Institute of Art Museum, the US Library of Congress, J. Crew, General Dynamics Inc., Bayerische Landesbank, Syracuse University, The Zabludowicz Collection, MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings, and Progressive Insurance, to name a few. Mr. Pasquarelli lives in New York City with his wife and two children.