Erik Tidemann


Erik Tidemann (b.1982) is a young Norwegian artist whose work is characterized by the use of several media ranging from paintings to drawings to dead animals. His works are often based on fictious tales about extreme characters in different ways related to our society. Through several exhibitions in Norway and abroad Tidemann has proved himself a powerful young artist.


Erik’s use of dead animals for art objects began when he studied in Bournemouth. Going to New Forest to collect road kills he made a carpet from the fur. He had to work with his dead animals amongst jars of human skulls and body parts in the morgue. Life and death is a central theme in Tidemann’s art production, and he likes the idea of using something which has once been alive. Fur, skin, wood and plants are amongst his preferred materials. He has even stuffed his earlier dog, making him into a two-legged tombstone carrying his own ashes in a purse.


Early inspirational sources for Erik Tidemann were artists like Harmony Korine, Matthew Barney and Paul McCarthy. Also, he mentions trance, house and metal as references for his own works of art. Role play and the figures he played with as a little kid has also been important starting points for Tidemann’s art production. Erik does not want to be pinpointed into one direction. Trying to read political messages into Tidemann’s works might thus be a confusing affair due to the varied references and points of view.


”I think there is something spiritual in the work of art when the material stems from something which once were alive.” – Erik Tidemann


Education: BA Hons Fine Art, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, MFA Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, London, England


Artist CV: pdf



WideWalls article by Bojan Maric, January 22, 2015:


When we are young, monsters are under our beds. As we get older, they occupy our closets. As we get even more mature, the scariest monsters reside in hidden compartments of our tortured-by-life psyche. These are the ones we will never be able to get rid of – what is more – we probably won’t even want to… A young Norwegian artist, Erik Tidemann, shows us his monsters, the ones which question the notions of life and death. An exciting exhibition is coming our way at Galleri s.e…


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